She is feisty. She is courageous. She is quirky. She is versatile. She is serious on the outside however passionately warm on the inside. Her character is a culmination of life's ups and downs - the happy, the sad, the funny, the hurt, the loss, the gains..... NEVER giving up hope....and always finding a place for music, laughter AND love!

Sveta’s character was inspired by Lana’s heritage - her family and family friends who surrounded her upbringing....

Sveta is the

  •  little girl who decided to change her name to Lana in Grade 4 because no-one had the courtesy to ask her how to pronounce her name 'Swetlana'...where in the Eastern European alphabet a 'w' is pronounced 'v'. She was teased and called 'sweaty Lana' .

  • girl who threw away her lunches because she was teased for having rye bread and 'unusual' fillings...but did not want to hurt her mama who made them for her each morning at 5.00am before she left to work in a white goods factory.

  •  little girl who for  a period of time was embarrassed and ashamed for her parents to attend parent teacher interviews (although they always did) because they had accents and she thought they would get laughed at...

  • young woman who was bullied by her first boss who was from an Eastern European country, and  who did not like 'Russians'.

  • girl who compromised the pronunciation of her full name because it was easier for others.

  • woman who is now proud of her heritage, her parents, her family  and her name!

  • woman who dreams of returning to Russia to re connect with her Russian family and explore her father's Ukrainian heritage.

Sveta Lyublyu  -  Russian Goddess

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