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Sveta tells the outrageous story of her life, as a  Russian immigrant who comes to Australia in search of love. She shares her experiences searching for love, making the journey from her hometown in rural Russia to Australia. She's looked in Adelaide, she's looked in Brisbane, she's looked on the Gold Coast and the Croc Coast! In doing so, she discovers what it means to be an independent woman… even if not a very modern one!? It’s a story that takes the audience on a journey, challenges them to learn a few Russian words, provides some surprises and ensures that a little of the Sveta Russian spirit and passion goes home with them...



She's feisty and she's kooky....she's loveable and loopy....She'll sing and dance, as you'll see....that's Sveta to a tee.


Her hair goes to the sky..She's never ever shy...Her wit is oh so dry...that's Sveta to a tee


...from Russia with love.   

'The Sickle of Life'
'The Sickle of Love'

Sveta also does Corporate

If you are looking  for a unique start to your Conference, an added 'zing' to your event ...then Sveta is perfect as MC!

A true professional, she does her research and can bring her humour and Russian spirit  to any event.



Sveta Lyublyu  -  Russian Goddess