'The Sickle of Life' - the search continues

She now has the Darwind experience!

Watch out for 'The Sickle of Love' !

Keep an eye out for future shows!



“I just love Sveta!  Her glamour, and her story set to catchy, familiar tunes keep you smiling the whole show!”


"We laughed with Sveta, we shed a quiet tear with Sveta, but mainly we laughed"


“..a personal journey based on real life family history – shared with bitter sweet insight, warmth, authenticity, creativity and humour.”


"From the moment I stepped into the Cafe KGB I was taken on a riotous journey of passion, big hair and vodka.  I should have taken my passport because I would definitely return to the wonderful world that is Sveta and her Sickle of Life. "


"...was a truly outstanding performance, we laughed till we cried, sang and clapped along as Sveta pranced, danced and strutted her stuff, bringing tears to our eyes with her story of the search for true love"


"Witty, musical and fantastic - an evening of pure entertainment"


 'I left with a grin from ear to ear'




Sveta Lyublyu  -  Russian Goddess

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